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Paleozoic group

Paleozoic group (led by E.I. Kulagina)

Area of scientific research of the group — biostratigraphy, sedimentation, tectonic structures of the Paleozoic of the Southern Urals and adjacent regions, micropaleontology.

Kulagina Elena Ivanovna

Joined the Institute: 1976.

Current professional position: Chief Research Scientist

Education: Moscow State University, 1971-1976, Faculty of Geology.
PhD – 1990, Paleontology and Stratigraphy; Doctor of Sciences from 2007.
Dissertation entitled: «Biostratigraphy of the Lower and Middle Carboniferous of the Southern Urals and the South East of the Russian Platform, on foraminifers».

Specialist in the field of paleontology and stratigraphy of the Carboniferous, regional stratigraphy of the Southern Urals and the South-Eastern part of Russian Platform, paleontology, lithology, microfacies.

Main scientific interests: foraminifers of the Lower and Middle Carboniferous, systematics, phylogeny, paleogeography.

Manager of several RFBR Projects, Member of international working groups: Task group to establish a GSSP close to the existing Visean-Serpukhovian boundary; Task group to establish a GSSP close to the existing Bashkirian-Moscovian boundary. Author and co-author of 150 publications.

Gorozhanina Elena Nikolaevna

Joined the Institute: 1979.

Current professional position: Senior Researcher

Education: Moscow State University, 1974-1979, Faculty of Geology.

PhD, 1991 in geology, dissertation entitled: «The Middle Devonian Irendyk volcanic arc (porphyritic) complex in the Southern Urals»

Fields of specialization: regional geology of the Southern Urals, tectonics, geodynamics, lithology, microfacies analysis.

Main scientific interests: tectonics and sedimentation, petroleum geology, particularly of the Volgo-Urals region, the influence of rock lithology and tectonic structures on hydrocarbon resources.

She was a participant of international EUROPROBE-1995-2002 and IGCP-497,499 projects, and some Russian Science Foundation projects.

She is the author and co-author of more than 100 publications.

Kochetova Nataliya Nikolaevna

Joined the Institute: 1969.

Current professional position: Scientist (Researcher)

Education: Permian State University, 1980.

Fields of specialization: biostratigraphy and paleontology of the Carboniferous.

Main scientific interests: ostracodes of the Carboniferous and Permian.

Author and co-author of 50 publications.

Zhernovkova Tatyana Vladimirovna

Joined the Institute: 2016.

Education: Bashkirian State University, 2007-2012, Department of Geography, Chair of Geology and Geomorphology.

Current professional position: Engineer-researcher

Fields of specialization: biostratigraphy and paleontology of the Carboniferous.

Main scientific interests: foraminifers of the Bashkirian stage


Major publications of the group:

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