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Puchkov V.N.


Puchkov Victor Nikolaevich
Scientific Leader of the Institute (Official position since 2017. Before that, a Director of the Institute for 25 years).
Graduated in 1960 from Moscow State University Geological Department.
PhD in 1970,
Doctor of Science in 1979,
Professor in 1993,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) since 2000.

Member of the Editorial Boards of “Lithosphere”, “Geotectonics” and “Herald of the Ufimian Sci. Centre” magazines. Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine “Geology – Izvestia” produced by the IG USC RAS.

Professor of the Chair of Geology and Geomorphology of the Bashkirian State University (2005− 2016)
Adjunct Professor of the University of South Carolina, 1990-1992
Active member of Societies: Russian Paleontological Society, Russian Mineralogical Society, Member of European Geosciences Union
Honorary Scientist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Honorary Member of the Russian Geological Society.
Recipient of the ‘Academician A.D. Archangelsky Premium’ for outstanding work in regional geology. Recipient of the ‘Corresponding Member of RAS S.N. Ivanov Memorial Medal’ for the study of relics of continental passive margins in foldbelts.

Author of more than 50 monographs, Guidebooks, maps etc. (2 in English) and about 800 scientific papers and abstracts (more than 150 in English).

Main scientific interests: Geotectonics (tectonics of the Urals, plume tectonics); Metallogeny of the Urals; Stratigraphy of the Paleozoic of the Urals and Tien−Shan, based on conodonts; stratigraphy of Riphean of the Urals, based on isotopic age of volcanic and intrusive rocks. For the most important publications of Puchkov, see the ‘publications’ section of the website.

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