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Laboratory of Geochemistry and Isotope Geology

Head of Laboratory,
Valerii Mikhailovich Gorozhanin


Laboratory of Geochemistry and isotope Geology of a newly organized as a division of the Institute of Geology in 2003 on the basis of two separate groups working in different laboratories of the Institute: laboratory of Geochemistry (head I.A.Khairetdinov)» and «Isotope Geology and ore deposits» (head V.I.Snachev). In 2010, the laboratory joined the chemical analytical group of Department of physical-chemical researches (head – S.V.Kovtunenko).

Prior to this, geochemical and isotope-geochronological studies in the Institute was held in existed in different years laboratory «of Absolute age of geological formations», «Geochronology of the Precambrian» (head — PhD, M.A.Harris), «Isotope Geology and geochronology» (supervisor — A.S.Bobokhov)

At the present time — head of laboratory —PhD V.M.Gorozhanin, the staff of the lab: S.V.Michurin, senior researcher — PhD S.S.Yusupov, and Ph.D. M.A.Musin, A.A.Sharipov, Z.A.Khanipova and Z.R.Biktimirova, the laboratory has a structural part of the analytical group (supervisor — PhD S.V.Michurin). In the composition of the analytical group – N.S. N.G.Hristoforova, senior engineer. S.A.Yagudin, T.I.Chernikov, F.R.Valeeva

The laboratory also includes sanding band (A.Kulygin) and the computer group (A.V.Burdakov and A.P.Chernikov).