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Laboratory of Magmatism and metamorphism

Sergei Grigorevich Kovalev
The Head of Laboratory,
Doctor of Science


The laboratory of magmatism and metamorphism was established in 2008 by combining two laboratories: of magmatism (head: Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy D.N. Salikhov) and of metamorphism (head: Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy A.A. Alekseev). The head of the laboratory is now Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences S.G. Kovalev.

Research in the laboratory is conducted in three main directions:

  • Magmatism, metamorphism and geodynamic evolution of the Urals;
  • Petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks;
  • Magmatism, metamorphism and ore formation.

2015-2017 – Research topic: Composition, sources, evolution and ore-generating potential of magmatic systems in the South Urals.
The aim is to study the geological structure, geochemical specialization (including noble metals – Os, Ir, Ru, Rh, Pd, Pt, Au) and the mineragraphy of igneous rocks of the western slope of the Southern Urals and the adjacent part of the East European platform for determining their ore-generating potential. The task is to evaluate the role of fluid-magmatic systems in oreogenesis processes under different geodynamic conditions of the development of the Southern Urals. The study and systematization of intrusive and vein formations of the era of a soft collision of the Urals development.

At present, the laboratory includes: head of laboratory Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy S.G. Kovalev; Chief Researcher Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy D.N. Salikhov; Researcher, Candidate of Science G.I. Belikova; Staff Scientists I.V. Vysotsky, P.V. Kazakov, E.A. Timofeeva, Junior research associates S.I. Vysotsky, S.S. Kovalev, I.R. Rakhimov, research engineers N.G. Gizbrecht, E.G. Smirnova, laboratory assistants Sh.R. Zaylamov, N.V. Kozlova.