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Laboratory of Paleozoic stratigraphy

Head of Laboratory,
Doctor of Science
Artiushkova Olga Viktorovna

The laboratory is engaged in research in the stratigraphy of Paleozoic terrigenous-carbonate and volcanic-sedimentary deposits of the Southern Urals and the east of the Russian Platform. The dismemberment of sediments is based on a biostratigraphic method using orthostratigraphic groups of fauna: conodonts and chitinozoans. An independent group within the Laboratory is engaged in a detailed lithogeochemical study of the dated Devonian volcanic-sedimentary formations of the eastern slope of the Southern Urals.

The direction of research:
1. Development of regional stratigraphy and correlation schemes for sediments of the Lower-Middle Paleozoic of the Southern Urals.
2. Study of stratigraphic accessory and biodiversity of Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian conodonts and chitinozoans in the sections of different structural-facies zones of the Southern Urals.
3. Lithological study of volcanic-terrigenious complexes of the Devonian on the Eastern slope of the Southern Urals, elucidation of sedimentation features, paleogeographic reconstructions.

Head of the Laboratory Dr. O.Artyushkova (Paleozoic stratigraphy Devonian conodonts imprints including), Leading Researcher R.Yakupov (chitinozoans, Ordovician-Silurian stratigraphy), Leading Researcher A.Fazliyahmetov (lithogeochemistry of the Devonian), Senior Researcher T.Mavrinskaya (Ordovician-Silurian-Lower Devonian conodonts), Senior Researcher R. Tagarieva (Upper Devonian conodonts), Senior Researcher R.Zainullin (lithogeochemistry of clastic sediments of the Lower Devonian).